Enabling Windows Identity Foundation in Windows 8

Enabling Windows Identity Foundation in Windows 8

Last week, I had set up my brand new Windows 8 environment. In order to try the useful toolbox provided by Tanguy, I tried to install Windows Identity Foundation as required and got the following error :

Windows Update Standalone Installer.  Installer encountered an error 0x80096002. The certificate for the signer of the message is invalid or not found.

It turned out that Windows Identity Foundation is now a feature of Windows 8 and just has to be turned on to be activated. Please follow these steps to do so:

1. From the Windows homepage (by pressing the Window key), type “Windows Features” (English for “Fonctionnalités Windows”) and select the “Settings” (English for “Paramètres”) item from the search pane.

Windows 8 search panel








2. Click on the result item named “Turn Windows features on or off” (English for “Activer ou désactiver des fontionnalités de Windows”).

Turn On and Off WIndows features






3. Check the box that precedes “Windows Identity  Framework 3.5” (It’s the same in French!)

Check Windows Identity Foundation 3.5










4. Press “OK” and wait until the setup is completed by the system.

Did you encounter changes in your way of crming by upgrading to Windows 8 too ?

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