Querying Azure ACS endpoint using PowerShell

This blog post presents the implementation to query the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Access Control using an OData client written in PowerShell. The first step consists in retrieving a access token issued by ACS. Then, the retrieved access token allows to access the ACS Management Service entities.

Enabling Windows Identity Foundation in Windows 8

Last week, I had set up my brand new Windows 8 environment. In order to try the useful toolbox provided by Tanguy, I tried to install Windows Identity Foundation as required and got the following error :

Windows Update Standalone Installer. Installer encountered an error 0x80096002. The certificate for the signer of the message is invalid or not found.

How to test Web resources without publishing

Some days ago, a colleague of mine showed me a terrific tip in order to test Web resources without publishing it first in Dynamics CRM. This tip has literally changed my life as a developer and has allowed me to save a huge amount of my time. This tip uses the Auto Responder feature of Fiddler Web Debugger program.